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Se marier à Marrakech, une ambiance ...

Choose originality, a change of scenery, the sun and above all the magic of the red city!


Want to be exotic, to get married in Marrakech?  The "ocher city" is the preferred destination to celebrate this great event as it should! You will live a unique experience, an exceptional wedding in an atmosphere worthy of theArabian Nights ...

Discover exceptional, unique and authentic places. You canprivatize a placein your image for your Wedding: Charming hotel, villa, Kasbah, Estate...

The choices are many, it all depends on the style and theatmospherethat you want to give to your Wedding.

Have you chosen to marry in a small committee?the elopement "fugue in love"is a way to live un Ultra-intimate wedding, a very trendy romantic getaway at the moment.

Do you want to live an unforgettable moment, a wedding ceremony like no other in a breathtaking natural setting?

I suggest you organizeyour Ceremony in the Agafay desert, nomadic and Berber atmosphere guaranteed.

A magical moment, grandiose landscapes, agreat moment of emotionsthat no one will forget.


The most beautiful wedding awaits you in Marrakech!


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We particularly like working with a place that will seduce you with its authenticity, its bucolic atmosphere and its quality services:the Domain of Tameslohte.

A Domaine of charm, ina 1.5 hectare park. which can accommodate up to 40 people and 130 people for the Wedding evening.  An enchanting place that will meet all your requirements!

Couple de mariés dans le désert de Marrakech.
Décoration de tables pour un mariage au Domaine de Tameslohte.
Couple de Mariés au Domaine de Tameslohte.
Couple de Mariés au Domaine de Tameslohte.
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